Woven Mesh Products

All Woven Mesh products are manufactured in Christchurch, New Zealand, using the latest technology and wire sourced from suppliers who meet our exacting standards for quality and reliability.

A key design feature of Woven Mesh products is the continuous wire strand fabrication process meaning that there is no change to the composition of the material as there are no welds, giving the product enhanced durability in various environments and weather conditions. As a result, the product’s superior flexibility and strength enable easy installation of Woven Mesh in difficult terrain, and the product can be used in a wide range of other applications in construction, architecture and design.

Our Woven Mesh products are made from MESH Shield wire refer to the Technical Information for engineering specifications and merits of both of these products.

Product Characteristics

  • highly resistant to corrosion and deterioration due to MESH Shield protection
  • flexible, strong and easy to work with
  • visually attractive


  • Animal conservation, pest proofing, protection and rehabilitation – our products have been used in a wide array of conservation applications for kiwis, tuataras, native insects, and birds to exclude large and small predators such as cats, mice, weasels, stoats, hedgehogs and snakes and many other small to medium sized terrestrial mammals and reptiles.

  • Security fences, roller doors, window guards, product shields, industrial security, maximum security enclosures.


Mesh Industries Wire Mesh has been proven in the field to outlast other products due to its continuous wire stands which have no weld joints. As a result we do not create additional “corrosion points” with our process allowing the wire mesh to remain in its true state for longer periods. Mesh Industries has been the wire mesh fencing material of choice for conservation programs and engineering projects throughout Australasia.

Standard Mesh Products



Diamond Size

Wire Gauge

Roll Length


20m (max)

MESH SHIELD 1212mm x 12mm1.6mm Zinc Alloy

20m (max)


MESH SHIELD COLOUR 1212mm x 12mm1.6mm Zinc Alloy + Paint

20m (max)

Custom Made Products

Mesh Industries produces Woven Mesh specifically for your application, using various wire gauges, wire compositions and roll specifications. Working with our Engineering division, we can make machine and product adjustments customised to your needs.

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